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About us

Pitäjänmäen musiikkiopisto was founded in 1972 and is located in Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki.
Pitäjänmäen musiikkiopisto ry. (association supporting) is sponsored by the city of Helsinki and gets discretionary subsidy by the state.

The music school follows a general curriculum in basic arts education. It consists of instrumental lessons, music theory and ear training, basic knowledge of music history, ensemble and orchestra playing.

The entrance exams are held in May each year. No previous music studies are required for acceptance.
The music school provides education and lessons in the following instruments:

accordion (harmonikka)
flute (huilu)
Finnish zither (kantele)
acoustic guitar (akustinen kitara)
electric guitar (sähkökitara)
bass quitar (sähköbasso)
recorder (nokkahuilu)
piano (piano)
drums (rummut)
saxophone (saksofoni)
cello (sello)
violin (viulu)
canto (yksinlaulu)

Music Playschool (Musiikkileikkikoulu)

Music Playschool is early childhood music training for children aged from three months to five years.
The idea of the Music Playschool is to give children joy and to give them the feeling of success in musical areas.

Aged between 5 to 8 years children can join a training group, where they will get training, depending on their choice,
in an acoustic guitar, Finnish zither, recorder, piano or in violin.

Early childhood music education is a great beginning for later activity in music.

Pitäjänmäen musiikkiopisto

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